My Favorite Books

A Few of Ms. Juettner's Favorite Books: 


* Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud (my current favorite series about teenagers in London who catch ghosts for a living)


* Bunnicula by James Howe (about a vampire bunny, told from the POV of a dog)


* Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar (short, hilarious book about a very weird school)


The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly (funny historical fiction novel about a science-minded girl growing up in a family of boys in Texas in 1899)


Shiver by Maggie Stievfater (girl falls in love with werewolf)


* Which Witch? by Eva Ibbotson (several witches compete to marry the most powerful dark wizard)


* A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz (a funny and violent retelling of some of Grimm's fairy tales)


* Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling (a wonderful world of witches and wizards)


* The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (boy learns he's half-god and mythological chaos ensues)


* Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick (a funny and touching book about a boy whose little brother has cancer)


The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson (a sci-fi novel about a teenage girl who wakes up from a coma and has to piece together her past and the strange circumstances of her recovery)


* Greenglass House by Kate Milford (a boy spending a snowy winter break in his family's inn with a bunch of strange characters-- mysterious and touching)


* Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (a love story about a free spirit who moves to a school full of followers)


Hidden by Helen Frost (a novel in verse about a girl who was accidentally kidnapped when the car she was sleeping in was stolen; she escapes and later meets the daughter of the man who stole the car)


* The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (a beautiful and heartbreaking love story about two teenagers with terminal cancer)


* Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry (zombies!)


* Life of Pi by Yann Martel (a young man survived months in a life boat in the middle of the ocean with a full grown tiger)


* Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (weird wonderful short stories about one boy's magical summer in his town)


* Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (hilarious story about a human who ends up in outer space after Earth is destroyed)


* The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (a powerful, heartbreaking novel about World War II Germany told from the POV of Death)