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AISD Learning at Home 7th Grade Lessons:
Winners of the 2019-2020 Vision + Voice Contest:
Poetry Kahoots:
Personal Narrative Examples:
* “The Drop”: Jason O. conquers his fear at Fiesta Texas.
* “Meredith”: Marisa M. adjusts to a new school in Texas after a move from Minnesota.
* “I Should Have Listened”: April G. could have avoided a painful mistake if she’d listened to her mom’s advice.
* “Lili”: Ms. Juettner deals with losing and letting go of a beloved pet.
* “1213 Neal Pickett”: Ms. Snyder struggles with moving to a new house.
* "Fireworks and Priorities": Ms. Ransom reassesses her priorities while working a less-than-glamorous summer job at the fireworks stand.
* “Shame”: Dick Gregory reflects on a heart-wrenching experience at school that taught him the feeling of shame.
* “The Most Important Day”: Deaf and blind Helen Keller remembers being taught how to use language.
Helpful Links:
* English Grammar 101 (Helpful grammar practice)
* FreeRice.com (Practice vocabulary while helping to end world hunger!)
* Code-Breaking (This one is DIFFICULT!)